Miracles, Signs and Wonders: Are they for today’s church?

Posted on June 11, 2011 by


I recently joined in a conversation on Facebook regarding the miraculous. A friend of mine posted that miracles, signs and wonders needed to be following our walk with Jesus. And if they didn’t, then we needed go after them until they did. I loved this post.
But, if of course caused quite the uproar in comments. He got comments of course that agreed with him. But he also got many that disagreed strongly.  It basically became a debate on whether or not the miraculous was relevant today, or even necessary.
One of the main commentators said that we needed to focus on Jesus and the Scriptures and not worry with the miraculous, since the miraculous was for Jesus and the original apostles.  So, I focused on Jesus and the scriptures and came up with this comment. Please note that the strong statements were in response to some arrogance in other statements.
What does scripture say about this topic? Where does scripture say that the supernatural was only for Jesus and the original apostles? Jesus said in John 20:21, as the Father sent me, I now send you.’ We have been sent to do what Jesus did…. If you say that Jesus was speaking only to the apostles here, then you have just voided out the entire Bible since it was all written for people who are no longer alive. Hebrews 13:8: God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Romans 2:11: God is no respecter of persons. Do we have a different Holy Spirit in us than Jesus or the apostles? Romans 15:19: Paul says that through signs and wonders, through the power of the Holy Spirit, he has fully preached the Gospel of Christ. Does God only want a partial Gospel preached today? John 4:48: Jesus tells a group of people that they will never believe if they don’t see signs and wonders…therefore, they are necessary for some to believe. We must get over ourselves as the church and quit thinking that signs and wonders are for us. They are for the world around us and their potential relationship with Jesus. Who are we to decide how someone comes to believe in Jesus. If we really are all about Jesus and love, then our focus should be on saving as many lost as possible…and who cares how someone comes to know Jesus as long as they come to know Jesus. If someone is sick, and they don’t know Jesus, they might come to know Him through the realization that they need eternal life…but they might also truly not believe in a God that loves them, and what better way to show love from a supernatural God than for Him to heal them. The Greek word for salvation is ‘sozo’, which means to be saved, to be healed, AND to be delivered. Why do we only focus on 1 of the 3…if we only focus on getting others saved, and we don’t focus equally on getting them healed and delivered (which all 3 require the miraculous) then I say we only love our neighbor one-third of our calling to love our neighbor. At least that’s what my love of Jesus and scripture has shown me. Last scripture: John 5:39 – ‘You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me,’ We must gain a new wine skin everyday to be ready for the new wine (or ministy) that He wants us to initiate.
What do you think? I realize this post does not really lend itself to open discussion of both sides. However, I will challenge you to step out in faith. If you believe something, then let’s see if it can stand up against cross examination. I am not challenging you in an arrogant way, but rather in a way that says lets look at all sides and see what we find. If I am wrong and the supernatural is not for today, I will be the first to admit it and change. If you don’t think the supernatural is for today, then the worst thing that happens in our discussion here is that we find that the supernatural miracles, signs and wonders are for today, and we are supposed to play a role in them…which means, the worst thing that happens is that we all find out that God wants to meet us in the natural realm in doing the unimaginable…which means, sick people might get healed. Hindered people might get set free. And even better, lost people WILL get saved.