Would God Do That?

Posted on January 31, 2012 by


It is arrogance for us to think that God would not do something in someone because we can’t find a scripture for it and we haven’t experienced it ourselves.  I have actually thought this many times.

This usually happens when God manifests Himself in someone either physically or emotionally, or possibly some other visible way.  Someone begins shaking beside me, falls down from being slain in the Spirit, slurring their words when trying to speak as if they are drunk, or begin to make moans and groans because of something they are feeling inside of them. (These are just a few examples.)

In scripture, in particular in Jesus’ life, we see how God feels about the arrogant.  He doesn’t like arrogance. Just read Job 40-41. The only people that I see that Jesus was harsh on were the Pharisees…the people who knew the scriptures better than anyone, yet they did not perceive Him as the Son of God. Actually they thought he was getting His power from demons.

Note: We should really be careful when we decide to make the absolute statement ‘That isn’t God.’  This is exactly the context of the unforgivable sin (Matthew 12). I’m not saying that if we have this thought then we are committing the unforgivable sin. I know that God has grace for this because He knows how skeptical we can be, and some skepticism is good. However, we must be open to what He is doing and listen to the Holy Spirit for discernment, instead of what we think.

‘Trust in the LORD with all your heart And do not lean on your own understanding.’ Proverbs 3:5

‘Do not be wise in your own eyes…’ Proverbs 3:7a

I believe the key to keeping our mind open to what God might do, without allowing ‘craziness’ to occur, is to see if what we are seeing contradicts scripture.  If it contradicts what scripture says that God will or won’t do, then we can sternly say that God would or would not do what we are seeing.

But, if someone says that God did something in them or for them AND it doesn’t contradict scripture, THEN we must have an open mind to agree that God might do whatever it is. We must realize at that point it is not up to us to figure out.  Honestly, I think we need to focus more on our personal relationship with God rather than spending so much time and effort on other’s relationship with Him.

‘All of the Bible is in God, but not all of God is in the Bible.’ –Kris Vallatton

It is very easy to put ourselves in the position to be influenced by a critical spirit.  This spirit looks for those of us who are arrogant to influence…then we go to meetings to criticize the message, the speaker, the band, or the church in general.  And, we miss out completely on what God had for us individually to prepare, equip, train, encourage and strengthen us for the upcoming mission He had in store for us.

Let me leave you with this: ‘If we are to lean not on our own understanding, but we do lean on our understanding, then we have just decided the level of God at which we can experience.  We can only experience as much of Him as we can understand.  We must begin to discern with our heart and be willing to accept that someone else might experience a part of God that we don’t get to experience.’ -paraphrase of Bill Johnson