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Hey Everyone,

Today we launched The Co-Mission, a collective website with multiple articles on anything and everything Jesus. It will be updated every couple of months…So, there won’t be a lot of activity there day-to-day. However, when we update and send out articles, you DO NOT want to miss out on what God is saying.

It won’t always be the same authors, so it is a great place to find encouragement in new places and with new faces.

I am posting now so that anyone who follows this site, but is not connected to me any other way can get connected with all of us at The Co-Mission.

The idea is that a community of believers will join together through conversation and revelation to edify each other, to grow us closer to the perfect unity in the faith and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

I encourage you tremendously to go to, and follow that site as well as this one. I will be a regular author, and will hopefully encourage many of the men and women of God who encourage me regularly, or who have ministered to me and with me in the past, to contribute.  You do not want to miss out!!!

I also encourage you to follow my friends on there as well. Link up and follow their blogs. You will be blessed!

To get completely connected, here is all of my info, as well as The Co-Mission’s info:

My personal Twitter (@daaronjacobs)

The Co-Mission:

Twitter: @thecomission411

Facebook: The Co-Mission (you can ‘Like’ it on the website)

From here you can follow and get connected with all the authors.

Look forward to seeing you there! God bless!

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