Come Join The Co-Mission

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Hey guys,

I have moved to The Co-Mission is a website I have started that is very similar to this site. The only exception is that I am coordinating articles and posts from my friends and people whose heart and mind I trust to minister to the Body of Christ.

Please come and follow The Co-Mission. I will be providing posts there often, and you DO NOT want to miss out on what my friends have been sharing.

We do not put any limitations on the articles, or provide topics to the authors. The idea is that the Lord will speak to each one, and that is what we provide as our articles. The coolest thing is that there has been a definite theme the Lord has been keeping all of us on…I will also point out that none of us that are on the site, so far, live close by (except for myself and my Father-in-law). And it is remarkable how everything is tied together.

I am not necessarily abandoning this site. However, I am trying to focus on The Co-Mission and its ministry for a time period. I haven’t updated here in a while, and I wanted to let all that follow me where I have been. Thanks so much for all of your support.

Please come to the Co-Mission and join the conversations. The idea behind it is a community of believers joining in conversation together, seeking after the heart of the Father!!!

God bless!


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