The Co-Mission: A new collective site

Posted on January 11, 2012 by


Hey guys,

Sorry I have been away for a long time. I have been pondering and seeking some direction. I wanted to let all of you know that I am currently beginning a new site. It is going to operate like a blog and a magazine combined. Meaning, a blog that posts blogs from multiple different authors, but only every few months.

I’m beginning with many friends of mine as authors…people who I know share the same heart and desire for the Lord, and ministry to His Body.

The idea behind this site is that it will become a community of sorts. The authors will supply a lot of the content, but hopefully it will lead to discussion, helping all of us grow closer to the Lord and His heart.

The beginning inspiration for this site was a Bible study that my father-in-law began a few years back (before he was my father-in-law) called ‘Outside the Box’.  This Bible study was not for the faint of heart in their study of the Lord and His word.  It was geared for those that were ‘self-starters’ when it came to time with the Lord and studying His word.  The other characteristic of attendees was an open-mind to what the Lord might be saying and doing.

There were a few requirements: 1) As an individual you were held accountable during the week for study. 2) As an individual you were required to bring your own Bible, notepad and pen. 3) Anyone was allowed to present any thought (no matter how crazy it might seem, or outside the box) as long as there was a base scripture that the thought or idea was based upon. 4) Getting upset or angry when others questioned your proposal was not allowed!! 5) Scripture was used to prove scripture.

This Bible study really taught all of us to study the Bible with an open mind, while constantly questioning what we were thinking, using scripture as our only means of proving these ‘outside the box’ thoughts and ideas.

If you are one who enjoys deep discussion of the Lord, His ways and His scripture, then this type of study is for you.

This is what I hope The Co-Mission becomes…don’t mis-understand me. I don’t want it to be a place of crazy, off-the-wall thoughts with long winded explanations.  My prayer is that this site becomes a place where there is a freedom to present any idea (with a scriptural basis), and allow other Lord-seeking believers to help all of us hone Truth for us to see the inner workings of the Lord’s heart.

That is the big picture.

More immediately, it will probably be articles by myself and my friends (I am opening it up to many others as time goes on…you can feel free to contact me as well if you would like to contribute). I imagine these articles will be encouraging, comforting and strengthening in nature, presenting the Lord as we experience Him.

I encourage you to subscribe to The Co-Mission and make yourself known.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get connected via website, facebook, and twitter with the other authors.  Their hearts will bless yours! Our first set of articles will be posted January 20.  I am going to re-post this article on the 20th as well to remind you all to come join us.

I look forward to seeing you there. I will get back to work here as well 🙂  Love you guys!