If the Lord is With You

Posted on April 9, 2011 by


Unless the LORD builds the house,
They labor in vain who build it;
Unless the LORD guards the city,
The watchman keeps awake in vain.’ Psalm 127:1

This verse jumped out at me the other day.  I just read it again while putting it in this post and had to re-start this blog because I realize I have not given enough thought about what the Lord is trying to show me personally.

However, I am posting it now for any that it might benefit.  I won’t begin to post a teaching on this since I clearly don’t know what it means to me right now.  However, I will throw this out just to stir your heart.

Unless the Lord is with us in what we do…we are wasting our time.  The second verse says this (if I can paraphrase in my own language): If the Lord is not protecting the city, then the watchman can do nothing to prevent the enemy from entering.

That does not mean the watchman is useless. Absolutely not. The Lord has every scenario at His fingertips. He can keep the enemy from entering due to confusion, fear OR by alerting the watchman to do his job.

We are called to co-labor with the Lord in the dominion of the earth. But, without the Lord, we are helpless and will fail.

If the Lord is with you, how can you fail?