Be Shaken

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I heard a message not long ago where the teacher was teaching that God is shaking what can be shaken in this time.  I believe this is the most accurate description of what is going on in the world right now.  I believe God is shaking all that cannot stand forever to remove it from the only thing that can stand forever.  I believe what is taking place  with the downfall of the economy, the United States economy as well as the world’s economy, has been divinely orchestrated by God.

I know in my life, as blessed as I am…as spoiled as I am, I have to trust in the Lord’s provision, protection, and direction more than ever right now.  I have heard many Christians talk about how they want the economy to be blessed and fruitful again.  I hope everything becomes fruitful again also!  But, I also rather have the Lord accomplish His will in me, even if that means I am uncomfortable for a while.

I believe the economic crisis the world is in, has been set up for a much bigger purpose for the Lord’s Kingdom.

It saddens me when I hear Christians criticize the government…and I have been one of these Christians.  It really doesn’t matter what the Government does.  I have not been called to live in this time to criticize the governement.  I have been called to live in this time to love ALL that I come in contact with, and make sure that they encounter the love of Christ.  How do we do that?  We must first encounter Christ personally!  How do we truly encounter Him and His love…Be Shaken, and let all that stands in between you and Him fall.

Be Shaken!

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