What is Marriage?

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I don’t really have an answer for this question.  There are hundreds, maybe thousands of answers for why the Lord created marriage.  There are the obvious reasons: 1)To symbolize the relationship of Jesus Christ to the Church. 2) To give us that are married an aid in learning to be selfless (this was the biggest wakeup for me). 3) To give us a person to share life with, and to create life.

But, here is another reason that is becoming very real to me as the days pass.  And, I will start with a personal side-note that will help others understand where I am coming from.  My wife, before she was my wife, had a dream where her dad and I were explaining to a woman that our marriage together was going to be a ‘business’ marriage.  That almost sounds completely without any romance…like that of an arranged marriage. I can tell you that knowing that the Lord has placed you purposely with someone in life for His purpose…well you don’t get any more romantic than that.  No, its not that Hollywood romance that is falsely portrayed in movies and TV.  No, its the romance that says no matter what you do I will always love you and never leave you.  What is more romantic than someone saying ‘On your worst day, I will love you as much as ever have loved you’?…NOTHING!

Okay, so a ‘business’?  The Lord is showing me that He has given me my wife to complete me.  Explanation-she is the COMPLETE opposite of me.   The only common ground we have is that we are both stubborn.  Why is this important?  She has many qualities that a person needs to be successful in life that I don’t.  I have many that she doesn’t.  (e.g.-she is very task oriented, I am very relationally oriented).

What am i learning?  She and I were put together to help each other.  In worldly tasks (which I am also learning for followers of Jesus are the same as Kingdom tasks) I have seen that when we share a common goal together, and we attack the areas that we are gifted in, we accomplish more working together than most 2 people I have seen…and definitely more than most married couples I’ve seen working together. And, we have fun doing it!

I believe all marriages are ‘business’ marriages. Both of you are coming into an agreement, a partnership that has a foundation in impacting and expanding the Lord’s Kingdom.  Marriage is not a 50/50 agreement.  It is a 100 %/100 % agreement.  It is a covenant that says, I will give 100% of me to help you in every way do the will of the Father…and you will give 100% of you to help me in every way do the will of the Father.

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