‘Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy’

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“Then I fell at his feet to worship him But he said to me, “Do not do that; I am a fellow servant of yours and your brethren who hold the testimony of Jesus; worship God. For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.” Revelation 19:10

My wife and I, out of faith, just signed the papers to purchase a new home. We knew doing this would put a little more strain on our finances since our rent/mortgage would be increasing a little, driving would increase, and utilities would increase a little. However, I know without a doubt in my heart that it had been told to me by the Lord that it was a great time, a wise time for us to buy. WE COULD NOT AFFORD TO BUY A HOUSE BECAUSE OF CLOSING COSTS…WE DIDN’T HAVE ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY EVEN THE SMALLEST OF HOUSES HERE. But, we had faith that the Lord would make it happen since He was telling us to buy…and He did…with style!

We now live in the type of house we hoped we would live in someday when we made all of the right financial choices and saved up for years. And, the reason this is such a cool testimony is because of the change in the economy, down payments and credit scores have become even more important to get good financing. Well, we only had to pay a total of $400 in closing costs, and our interest rate is below the best interest rate without buying the percentage down. He is SO GOOD!

On top of that, there was a guy that was working on our house that had visited where my wife works, and because of that connection he made a special trip to install some upgraded lighting fixtures that we wanted to get, but didn’t think they were worth the money…and he did it for free!

Now, why am I sharing this…Well, it’s not so you can look at us and say, ‘Wow, you guys got lucky with everything’, or so that you can think we are ‘special’ in some way and that God doesn’t do this for everyone…those are both lies. The scripture above makes it clear that when we testify about Jesus it releases prophetic words for other people to receive. Meaning, if I tell you what Jesus did for me, then it has been released for the same thing to happen to you. And, that doesn’t mean you now have to buy a house with this testimony to receive…you may not need to buy a house. What it means is that the blessing and breakthrough we received financially is now available for you in the area of your life that you need.

Let me tell you one other thing. There was one day…i still remember the moment VERY clearly. Both my wife and I were at a place where it seemed impossible for us to buy a house. My wife actually said to me with tears in her eyes, ‘We might as well just keep renting this house because we can’t afford to buy.’ This was after the Lord told me to buy a house…and He told me that He knew we couldn’t afford one. At that moment it was as clear as anything. The bible tells us that trials come before us to test our FAITH! They don’t come to show us what won’t happen, or to show us that the Lord isn’t working that direction so we should do something else. This was a trial, and our faith was being tested…and it was clear. I made her look at me, I smiled and explained to her what was happening in the spiritual realm and in our minds…then I said, so we now have the opportunity to have faith when it is completely natural not to have faith…we keep going even though EVERYTHING says don’t go that way…we had the word of the Lord that said that He would provide a house, and that is all that we needed. The key in this situation is that we had the word of the Lord…which is just a matter of listening, but that is a different blog.

And, here we are…living in the house the Lord had promised us in February of ’08. And, I will ‘prophesy’ one more thing…I know the Lord will use this house in the future for all kinds of blessings, and the least of them will be a huge financial blessing!

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